Would Facebook Be Easier to Use With # Hashtags?

Several sources are stating that Facebook is exploring the implementation of # Hashtags in order to improve search and indexing capabilities. Should this small but powerful symbol be given full status on Facebook?

The # Hashtag is common on major social networks like Twitter, Google and Instagram even though the Hashtag currently has no power on Facebook. Searching by Hashtag has become the defacto search tool within the Twitter world and we think it could add that same power to Facebook!

But you say, Facebook and Twitter are entirely two different platforms even though they are both Social Networks. Facebook is a closed platform (with the availability of security) so only your circle of friends will see your profile/post. Twitter on the other hand is open and you can connect with anyone. Searching by # Hashtag on Twitter make sense, allowing you to find conversations by subject matter and invite yourself into the conversation. But the majority of Facebook is not subject focused except when we “Like” a businesses allowing us to follow our favorite brands or companies.

So let’s see if we can list some of the issues with # Hashtags

  1.  We can highlight a subject via # Hashtags but where will the link go? If they go to a subject. will we be able to engage other non-friends on that subject?
  2. Could # Hashtags be a form of monetization where Brands try to get us to their pages? (Ex. #pepsi)
  3. Is this a way to pull Instagram and Facebook closer together? Instagram already uses # Hashtags.
  4. Or are they just a way to inject humor and #sarcasm?  (that’s a joke)

More to come on this subject.

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