The Marketing Funnel is Now a Circle in the Social Media Age

marketing funnelForrester Consulting released survey results compiled for Facebook In December 2011 to evaluate how marketing leaders are building brands in the connected world. Forrester conducted online surveys of 101 VP- and C-level marketing professional and interviewed 12 CEOs, CMOs, and VPs of marketing. The results show how far marketing execs have yet to go in adapting to the “connected world” of Social Media.

“They found that while most marketing leaders believe that  social is highly important to brand-building, their current strategies are out of sync with how consumers prefer to  interact with their offerings”

What was the disconnect? Few brands have realized that the consumer’s decision making process has changed from a funnel to a circle of trust and interactions


A connected brand continuously connects and engages with people when they want, where they want, and how they want.

The blueprint for successful brands in the social media age –

  • Articulate the brand’s social identity so the brand communicates with a unique, compelling and authentic voice.
  • Connect with your customers by giving them by adding value and a reason to like or follow the brand in social channels.
  • Engage people by making brand communications more participative and personally relevant.
  • Influence people by inspiring and enabling people to share messages about your brand with their networks.
  • Integrate social into the brand and product experience to make it more cohesive and useful.
  • Rejuvenate the brand by using insights from social channels to monitor the brand’s health and improve the brand experience

A success tip for brands from Twitter.

Conduct market research on your products or services
A Twitter Poll can yield instant customer insight by providing you rapid answers to your questions. Try gleaning key information you want about your followers, or if you have a hypothesis you’re considering, try posing it to your followers to determine if you’d like to continue exploring it.

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