Starbucks, Utilizing the Power of Your Advocates

advocatesOn Thursday, April 18, 2013, Starbucks posted on Social Media that they were offering a free cup of House Blend on Friday morning until noon to those who asked. To my knowledge, this was only promoted through Social Media.

My Social Media friends tipped me off to this offer on Google Plus and Twitter. I saw the following Tweet –

Conveniently I had a meeting scheduled at a local Starbucks this morning. Upon receiving my free cup, I sent out the following Tweet and Google Plus post.

A brilliant Social Media campaign! For little or no cost, Starbucks:

  1. Got to test the power or their advocates
  2. Tested how much viral power they really have.

It is impossible to get direct data on how this Social Media campaign worked but I see 38,000 posts today on Starbucks Facebook page today thanking them for their free coffee and many posts on Twitter. Good job of rewarding your advocates.

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