Google Plus Establishes Itself as THE Collaborative Platform

Google Plus has been around a while now and those of us who were active users knew that something good was brewing. You could feel the excitement and it was great meeting others online that you couldn’t meet in any other way. But, the format also felt a little strange! Unlike Twitter, where were my friends? Unlike Facebook, where was my family? Sometimes it felt like no one was there.

So who is using Google Plus. Initially it was just the early adopters. But now with the announcement of the latest version, it has become an open forum for listening and collaboration with some of the worlds’ leading collaborative thinkers. It is time to quit comparing G+ to Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus has become the place to communicate and explore/

Now G+ has become a well designed, collaborative platform. A beautiful way to explore the stuff you love

Here’s what’s new and exciting about the Google+ redesign:

  • A better separation of Hangouts The revamped version of Hangouts features richer, more responsive messaging. Hangouts are divided into a broadcast ( Hangouts on Air, HOA) or a more personal version that can be either just chat or a video call.
    • Share your screen, voice, chat or pictures
    • Talk to one or hundreds
  • Consistency Across Devices According to a 2012 Google study about multi-screen usage, 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal. Now the experience G+ experience is similar no matter how you access
  • Multiple Columns Probably the biggest visual change. Not necessarily a communication change but a nice update that visually reminds many of Pinterest
  • New Photo Features – Automatically 
    • Backing up pictures taken with your mobile devices, as you take them.
    • Highlighting higher quality photos and weeding out duplicates, blurry images, and bad exposures
    • Enhancing photos to improve elements like brightness, contrast, etc.
    • Animating a sequence of photos or grouping photos into a single collage
  • Related Hashtags Included Automatically – #Hashtags are a convenient way to find related content. The redesign automatically adds #hashtags to the content you share. Google+ will look at your post to determine what it’s about, #hashtag it accordingly, and then rank relevant conversations across the network. Collaboration is enhanced.

 Why has Google created this new platform?

Content in multiple forms that can move across screens with contextual relevance will become crucial to the way brands reach consumers. Read more:

Search is becoming so good, so well done, that all of the tricks won’t matter anymore. “Content is King Baby”! Well written, popular and compelling content. Google is tying it all together, allowing us to tell what is the best and then selling search those results. But now, they have become even better at it.

Google will gain from –

  • A clear focus on context – Google+’s new features like related hashtags are clearly aimed to help deliver more relevant and contextual content to its users.
  • An emphasis on exploring and discovery – the new format just feels more inviting, which in itself is a major accomplishment. THe redesign of Google+ makes content discovery much easier, surfacing more, better scannable content through the new tiled design.
  • An emphasis of what gets shared – the obvious focus on images. Google knows these type of post get shared the most, but they also need context which the new format delivers.



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