Is LinkedIn a Lot Like Love?

December 1, 2016 Dennis Carpenter 8

Commentary : (MoneyWatch) Where would we be without LinkedIn, the business white pages for planet Earth? I bet you couldn’t imagine going back to the days before you could find people you’d lost track of or attempt to connect with pretty much anyone in the working world, whether they […]


6 Reasons Why You Need a Social CRM

January 27, 2013 Dennis Carpenter 1

Who influences the buying decision more? A friend or a salesperson? If you are a salesperson, how do you tie together and track a lead’s social media history and circles so that you can meet expectations? To track everything, we recommend a […]


LinkedIn Definition, Definitions and How-To

December 26, 2012 Dennis Carpenter 3

LinkedIn is the business side of social networking designed specifically for the business community. The site has become a centerpiece for registered members to publicly acknowledge the people we know and trust professionally. I decided to create a Master Page of LinkedIn […]

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