Can you buy Marketing as a Service (MaaS)?

Marketing as a Service (MaaS)Deciding on whether you can buy Marketing as a Service (MaaS) depends on who you ask. However, the answer to the question is “Yes”. MaaS is a method for small and medium size business owners to reduce their “pain points” by outsourcing their marketing requirements to industry professionals who know their company and industry. Providers of MaaS are current and proficient in all technologies, a trait that an individual brand may not have enough adequate resources to master the details.

Lost opportunity cost while trying to learn marketing and marketing technologies is one of the greatest risks a small business owner undertakes.

Depending on the vendor you are utilizing (Please consider using us 🙂 ), the following services can be purchased in a turn-key manner.

  • Website development
  • Creating an offer that leads your prospects to raise their hand and ask for more!
  • Blog Post creation
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Claiming and completing “Google My Business”
  • Claiming and completing your Bing & Yahoo listings
  • Claim and customize your listing on the most important search engines and directories.
  • Making sure your business information is accurate where people are searching for you.
  • Setup Matching Facebook, Yelp, and Twiter Pages
  • Setup of Real-time Google Analytics
  • Website updates.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social marketing (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Marketing strategy consultation

All of the above are essential tools and skills needed in today’s business world. But why take the time to learn how to do these things yourself?

Spend more time managing your business and less time learning how to be a marketer.

YES, it makes sense to buy Marketing as a Service (Maas).


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