Best Social Business Practices When Using Pinterest

I have to admit, until now I have used Pinterest very little. But, I have a client who would like to grow her business by embracing this Social Media tool and I believe that it is a mutual fit for her. Just like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media channels, Pinterest, has its own culture, communication style and best practices for Social Business success.

pinterestBut, I do have a Pinterest account, so I logged in and started to pin and explore. You can immediately see the fun and simplicity of this Social Network. Here are my observations!

  1. I discovered that I needed to add a “Pin it button to my Social Sharing tools. Make sure that your sharing button captures the URL of your site so that when a Pinterest user clicks on your share, they are referred to your site. Gotta make it easy for our users to share and be found!
  2. I decided to pin content from into Pinterest. Again, make sure the tool you provide to users captures the article or image source and adds that source as a link to your content.
  3. If you embed a video in your post, make sure that you have an image linking to your post above the video in that post. It is most likely that the video will not link back to your site.

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