6 Reasons Why You Need a Social CRM

Who influences the buying decision more? A friend or a salesperson? If you are a salesperson, how do you tie together and track a lead’s social media history and circles so that you can meet expectations? To track everything, we recommend a Social CRM (customer relationship manager)?

A Social CRM is a social way to keep track of the people you do business with! Not only do you keep track of contact info, you are able to see and read your customer’s social media conversations

Social CRM’s turn cold-calls into warm conversations and today’s customer expects a salesperson to review the prospect’s public social media profiles before the first call is ever made.

Social CRM tools like Nimble (yes we are a biased reviewer since we use this product) basically gives all team members of an organization—not just salespeople and community managers—access to a comprehensive database that has relevant information on customers or potential customers.

So, why should I use a Social CRM?

  1. Pulling together silos of information. Now you collect emails in Google or Outlook and maybe have contacts in Salesforce or another CRM. You may also be following the same contacts in Social Media conversations occurring on  Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. It is hard to keep up! A great Social CRM brings all of this together. You go to one place and you can see all of this activity!
  2. Become aware of the conversation and participate. If you become part of the conversation, you can inevitably exert greater influence over the conversation.
  3. Increase your ability to listen and provide service. Time alone is a huge adversary to success. By listening to conversations among your network, you can solve problems before they get out of hand.
  4. Achieve deeper customer engagement. It is very hard to know what part of nurturing is going to be successful, but by constantly engaging with either your present customer’s or future prospects, your connection will deepen.
  5. Avoid wasting your connection. How may people have you connected with on LinkedIn and failed to develop a relationship with? Probably hundreds! By participating you give yourself at least a chance to be selected. You know, these connections forget about you too! By being proactive and reaching out, your connection grows.
  6. Increase collaboration. Your existing customer base knows your product the best and can give you suggestions on product changes or be making a pivot better than anyone else. Reach out to them with your questions! Collaborate!

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