Ten Tactics for Inbound Marketing Advocates

July 12, 2017 Dennis Carpenter 0

Social Media has disrupted the traditional sales funnel creating an unknown that most marketers have difficulty replacing. But don’t shy away from your advocates as you explain yourself. Your organization already has an established audience of potential advocates; for an association it […]

brand advocacy

Develop Brand Advocacy with Inbound Marketing

June 30, 2017 Dennis Carpenter 0

How do your customers talk about your brand? Inbound Marketing changes the perception from being seen as just a wallet to being seen as an advocate. Insights from the 2013 Social@Ogilvy Brand Advocacy Study on SlideShare. The study found – Brand Advocacy happens anywhere. No […]

Keyword Phrases

50% of Keyword Phrases Are Over Four Words

June 29, 2017 Dennis Carpenter 0

Keyword phrases are two or more words typed as a search query. (AKA – Long-tail keywords.) Benefits? Using a four word or more keyword phrases are very, very specific to what users are searching. Whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, they […]

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